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The Exchange Framework

The Exchange Framework was developed to solve the difficult issue businesses face when trying to connect with one another. Through a set of standards and policies, the Exchange Framework allows businesses to connect once, and share electronic invoices with one another, regardless of the platform, system, application or network they use for processing invoices.

Why an Exchange Framework?

For buyers, the framework provides a streamlined approach to the exchange of business documents, enabling all members of a company’s supply chain to connect to the framework and submit invoices electronically to their customers - regardless of the Access Point Service Provider used.

For suppliers, the framework enables organizations to exchange business documents with their customers, streamlining the invoice-to-cash process and reducing exceptions. The framework also promotes an environment of interoperability, allowing suppliers to easily connect to virtually any e-invoicing Access Point service provider and submit invoices to customers.

For Access Point service providers, the framework facilitates the connection of buyers and suppliers, simplifying a supplier’s connection and ensuring that connection meets their customers’ business rules. The framework enables Access Point service providers to enroll more suppliers onto their network, providing greater supply chain engagement for their buyer clients and improving straight-through processing.

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How does the Exchange Framework work?

The exchange framework contains four types of participants – the supplier, two access points otherwise known as service providers, and the buyer – known as a four-corner network.  The exchange framework enables the exchange of an e-invoice between businesses – regardless of software used – by enabling a reliable connection and document exchange standards.


Suppliers send invoice information to their access provider.  Their access point connects to the Exchange Framework and searches for the Buyer's access point.  Once located, the supplier's access point packages the invoice into the exchange standard, and securely sends the invoice to the buyer's access point.  The Buyer's access point forwards the invoice data into the Buyer's AP system for approval and processing for payment.

What are Access Points?

Access Points are the service providers who enable suppliers and buyers to connect with each other.  The power behind Exchange Framework is the open, non-proprietary standards that enable different types of technologies and service provider businesses use to operate their back-office processes.  For example, the types of service providers who can operate as access points include:

  • B2B Networks

  • AP Providers

  • ERP Software

  • Lockbox Providers

  • Corporates

  • AR Solution Providers

  • Procurement Software

  • Bank / Financial Institutions

  • Billing Providers

  • E-invoice Service Providers

  • Accounting Software

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Providers

  • Payment Service Providers

How to become an Access Point

To be an Access Point on the Exchange Framework, you need to become a full member of the Digital Business Networks Alliance.  By being an Access Point, the Exchange Framework is easy to implement and is interoperable with other Access Points, which reduces your overall costs and provides a level of certainty on the technology and standards used to exchange electronic documents between each other.  See the membership section of the website to learn more on the benefits of being an full member. 

Exchange Framework

Become a Member

Join the Digital Business Networks Alliance today to significantly improve the exchange of e-invoices and other supply chain documents.

Together we can make the exchange of business documents a whole lot easier.  Interested in becoming an innovator and benefiting from this connectivity?  Fill out the form below to become a member of the Digital Business Networks Alliance.

Types of Membership
Full Membership

Organizations and individuals who join as a Full Members are able to vote for the Board of Directors, vote on matters involving the Corporation as set forth in Bylaws, serve as officers of the corporation, and participate in one of the operating committees, such as technical, policy & rules, and market adoption.

Associate Membership

Organizations and indiciduals who join as a Associate Member are able to may vote in operating committees, such as technical, policy & rules, and market adoption.  However, they may not serve as officers or in other leadership positions of the operating committees and eligable to vote on matters involving the Corporation, including the election of Directors. 

Benefits of Membership

Joining the Digital Business Networks Alliance provides you to expand your reach to support your business operations.  Each connection creates a new network effect where service providers and corporates gain access to new set of connections that previously was too costly to establish and maintain.  Connect Once.  Connect with Everyone.  Connect from Anywhere.  Wouldn't that benefit your business?

Get in Touch

To learn more about membership and how to join, please complete to contact form below or send a email to the Digital Business Networks Alliance at

Please fill your contact details below:

Thank you for submitting your contact information. The memership team will get in touch shortly.


Digital Business Networks Alliance


Established in 2023, the Digital Business Network Alliance is an independent, tax-exempt company (501(c)6) whose board is elected by its members.

Strong and balanced industry-based Board of Directors, equal representation of Service Providers and Customers.

The participants from Business Payments Coalition’s E-invoice Exchange Market Pilot established the Digital Business Networks Alliance, which serves as the legal entity overseeing the Exchange Framework.


The mission of the Digital Business Networks Alliance is to operate an electronic delivery exchange network available for use by all businesses in the United States.


This network will support the digital delivery of electronic business documents in a manner that allows customers of all service providers to communicate with customers of all other service providers.


The Exchange Framework is based on a set of open, non-proprietary technical standards and policies that enable businesses to discover and delivery data securely across a virtual network with one another.

The Exchange Framework is highly secure, leveraging enhance security settings and capabilities ensuring electronic documents are exchange safely and securely.


The Digital Business Networks Alliance is overseen by a balanced board of industry members and corporates representing the stakeholders who operate within the Exchange Framework. The board of directors and Officers for the Digital Business Networks Alliance consists of e-invoice service providers, corporates and electronic document exchange experts who have extensive experience and knowledge of the exchange framework. Board members seats rotate on an annual basis and are elected by the membership.  Below is the current board of directors for the Digital Business Networks Alliance.

chris welsh.jpg

Chris Welsh

CEO, OFS Portal

Chair of the DBNAlliance

Jim Taylor.png

Jim Taylor

CEO, MarineNet

President of the DBNAlliance

Michele Paige.png

Michele Paige

CEO, Digital Financial

Secretary & Treasurer of the DBNAlliance

Current Members
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